Building technology solutions for the buildings ecosystem

13,000 buildings per day: that’s the number of buildings, excluding single family dwellings, that architecture, engineering and construction firms must complete every day from now until the year 2050 to keep pace with global population increases, urbanisation and economic growth.

The sustainability of the planet – and the viability of the companies that work within these massive global ecosystems – will be determined by challenging the status quo of how buildings are planned, designed, built, operated and maintained.

With Hexagon’s building solutions, the ability to meet this demand – profitably and sustainably – is within your reach.

Hexagon’s building technology leverages the most dynamic and powerful use of data available for the buildings ecosystem. Our unique mix of sensor hardware and buildings-specific software connects all stakeholders to the right data in the right place at the right time, bringing speed, automation, sustainability and profitability to any built environment.

Our unique approach to digital disruption

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