Project collaboration and management

Integrated collaboration solutions for better alignment, control and performance

Within the architecture, engineering, and construction firms that work together on a building project are hundreds of individual stakeholders, influencers and workers that contribute to the project’s performance and quality. Ensuring effective and efficient communication between teams and the owner/operator is one of the most challenging tasks that project leaders are responsible for – and one of the most significant contributors and indicators of project success.

Hexagon’s automated project management and collaboration solutions enable efficient sharing or viewing of documents, drawings, and models from a single, centralised location throughout the design and planning process. Hexagon’s project management solutions make it easy to create and securely share revisions, annotations, and notifications with every member of a project team anywhere, any time, on any device. Automated document management and drawing management capabilities automatically keep track of all versions and log all modifications in real-time.

Hexagon’s project management solutions automatically organise documents in a structured and efficient manner. A standardised document and drawing management process with metadata makes it easy to locate specific documents quickly. Version tracking and management is simplified by logging all design iterations, schedule and budget plans, and project artifacts in a secure repository for reference. Hexagon’s comprehensive project management solution also secures confidential or sensitive documents through user permission tools that grant only authorized team members access to secured documents like capital planning, 2D drawings and 3D models.