Pre-construction planning (4D BIM)

Integrated portfolio management and enterprise controls for smart project planning

On-time and on-budget project delivery are among the most important performance metrics in a building project, yet some of the most difficult to achieve. For contractors and A/E firms supporting construction, the skill and reputation of a firm's project management can be the deciding factor between winning new business or losing contracts. Fortunately, in today’s world of digitalisation, project management no longer has to be a manual, tedious process. Project managers and contractors can now rely on data to inform the pre-construction planning process, including digitising workflows and delivering real-time insight to project stakeholders, including the owner.

The first step of project management is to ensure a comprehensive and achievable pre-construction plan. Hexagon’s unique approach uses 4D BIM workflows to create precise, efficient plans based on the data captured during the design phase. Through smart 4D mapping capabilities, the project schedule is automatically linked to the 3D model. This integration enables alignment of work packages with model elements for efficient creation of work steps and assignment of resources.

4D build sequence visualisations can easily identify schedule conflicts, efficiently assign and schedule work packages based on the 3D model and automate the creation and assignment of smart production-level plans for field workflows based on the master schedule. Smart pre-construction planning technologies have made visibility, predictability and control of a job site much easier to achieve and maintain.