Model-based quantity takeoff (QTO)

Model-based estimates for improved quality and speed of quantity takeoffs

Estimating material requirements, including type and quantity, is a critical step in the planning process of any building project. Quantity surveyors are challenged to estimate the right amount of material to avoid delays caused by insufficient resources yet must prevent waste from over-estimated needs. On large or complex jobs, the importance of accurate QTO is even greater, as the resources required account for a large portion of costs, and any shortage of material can cause significant delays.

Hexagon’s data-centered approach to model-based QTO can address these challenges by using data from the model and quantification recipes to precisely calculate the amount of material needed, enabling QTO to be done more efficiently, quickly and accurately. Estimators and surveyors can apply quantification recipes to create the 3D Bill of Quantities (BoQ). This BoQ can then be shared with the estimating system to generate project cost estimates.

Our industry-leading project management software solution enables surveyors and project managers to support the estimation and creation of a baseline budget, automatically applying unit rates to the BoQ to automatically create project cost estimates. The budget planning process is further streamlined and simplified by creating unique user-defined recipes and formulas that derive project material quantities from your building model.