Forecasting & budgeting (5D BIM)

Integrate model, schedule and cost data to accurately forecast and budget projects

At the forefront of building projects is the planning phase, where engineers and contractors lay out the action plan, including a detailed schedule, forecast and budget. These critical variables are how success of a building project is measured. Those who create plans using accurate, up-to-date data will find their forecasts and schedules are more precise and result in a more efficient, sustainable and successful construction project.

Hexagon supports the planning phase through a smart 5D BIM approach that is industry-specific to building construction. This approach automatically triangulates the 3D model, schedule and cost, simplifying the development of project budgets and forecasts. By automatically mapping budget and schedule to model elements, stakeholders can identify major cost drivers on the project through detailed and intuitive visualisations.

Using real-time data collected throughout the entire building project, the 5D BIM and smart workflows will continuously update based on construction progress and reflect any changes in expected costs. This means stakeholders have full visibility into the impact different scenarios have on schedule, budget and design, and can make more informed decisions that minimise delays and other undesirable outcomes.

Hexagon’s premier 5D BIM solution includes industry-leading practice approval workflows and the ability to perform cost control, forecasting and budgeting for efficient project management. Intended for general contractors, especially in the building infrastructure market, Hexagon’s 5D BIM solution also offers major benefits for AEC owners. When integrated with Hexagon’s leading 4D BIM software, the two solutions combine to deliver a true 5D BIM experience, greatly enhancing project planning controls, cost and budget estimations, as well as overall project accuracy.