Utilise real-time data flow between the field and office for smarter planning

Our connected ecosystem of autonomous building solutions enable project managers, engineers, and building owners to develop a more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective project plan that increases project performance and sustainability. Utilising a fusion of reality capture technology and building-specific software, Hexagon’s 4D and 5D BIM solutions empower project owners and decision makers to visualise changes to budget, forecast, and schedule in real-time, optimising visibility, predictability, and control. This constant, real-time digital thread of information allows stakeholders to evaluate changing conditions and make better informed decisions.

The result is fewer schedule and budget overruns, less rework, less waste, and greater accuracy in the Build-to-Design (BID) process - all factors critical to completing your building project on-time, on-budget, and more sustainably.

Capabilities for more accurate and efficient planning

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