Reality capture for digital twin

3D digital realities enable virtual walkthroughs and remote facility management

Digital representations of the physical world that can be viewed anytime, anywhere provide significant benefits for all stakeholders involved in operations and maintenance. Stakeholders are often located remotely, with many priorities competing for their time. By using reality capture to create accurate, precise digital 3D replicas of the physical building, remote team members can get up to speed quickly and at their convenience without needing to travel to the job site for meetings or walk-throughs. The result is stronger alignment and better communication across stakeholders.

Hexagon delivers the sensor and software technologies needed to create a Smart Digital Reality of the physical building throughout every phase of the project lifecycle. This sophisticated and detailed digital twin of a property facilitates daily operations, with highly accurate visualisations and access to asset information to support preparation for planned facility management interventions. Whether tracking assets for fire protection, energy equipment, HVAC or other building installation-related issues, the digital realities of location-based asset tracking ensure you always have a single digital thread of all project information, records and changes that you can share with all stakeholders anytime, anywhere.