Digital realities for remote asset management

Precise 3D replicas of the building with geotagged assets for efficient operations

The proper maintenance and asset management of a large building can be very complicated. Owners and operators must oversee many different systems, and reliable data is crucial to manage asset maintenance activities and resolve incidents. Asset management is often still done in 2D and requires many on-site inspections to understand local conditions. Modern virtual 3D asset management technology with geotagging makes daily operations more effective and intuitive.

Hexagon’s autonomous digital reality capture solutions can create precise 3D replicas of a facility to help owners and operators better visualise, access and manage asset information. Virtual asset management capabilities allow users to remotely access detailed and precise digital 3D replicas of the physical site, complete with geotagged assets such as internal spaces, selected floors or specific components. These precise digital realities reduce the need for on-site visits and enable remote asset management. When enhanced with geotagged assets, this digital replica of the site transforms from a basic digital twin into a Smart Digital Reality, providing access to key information such as user manuals, service contracts and other important resources.