Resource management

Plan, track and optimise project resources across the enterprise

In industries like construction with thin profit margins and heavy competition, project leaders must find ways to reduce costs and stay on schedule. A key opportunity for optimisation in construction is in hard costs – which account for up to three-quarters of construction spend. Resource planning starts early in the design phase when architects design concepts that determine the people, material and funding needed for construction.

Hexagon’s construction resource management solution is a web-based, dashboard-driven portal that empowers leaders to manage resource requests with pre-formatted approval workflows from anywhere, any time. Simplified resource management saves both time and money by proactively developing demand plans and allocating resources, preventing under- and over-utilisation that cause waste and delays.

Using Hexagon’s integrated resource management tool, project managers can develop detailed plans based on capacity, capability and availability throughout each phase of the building lifecycle, starting with initial design. Project architects, designers, managers, owners and operators can accurately forecast and track resource requirements with data from design, construction management, procurement and HR systems. Our resource management solution lets project managers create pre-formatted resource breakdowns so teams can maintain a hierarchy between resource attributes such as rates, location and skills. Analytical capabilities like bottleneck analysis ensure critical tasks are resourced properly.