Project performance monitoring

Monitor and measure construction progress across the enterprise

On-time, on-budget, zero waste – that’s the vision for all construction projects. Yet, the reality is that hitting these metrics is difficult – if not impossible – to achieve. Firms who can get close to hitting these idyllic standards will produce better quality results and win more business. The key to improving performance is gaining visibility to the ever-changing requirements of the project, and getting in control of how these changes may affect the model, schedule and budget.

Hexagon’s project performance monitoring capabilities enable architects, engineers and project leaders to track progress throughout the entire building lifecycle, starting with site surveying and model designing. Project managers can use the findings about site conditions and project requirements from the BIM to develop project KPIs and objectives, including cost forecasts and project schedules. Hexagon’s project performance platform links information from previously disconnected sources, including scheduling systems, 4D BIM software, financial/ERPs and timesheet systems, to make it easier for project leaders to set realistic targets. Analysis of this data is possible across a wide range of criteria, including project, discipline and resource, to provide actionable insights that guide effective planning.

3D architectural visualisation capabilities create an accurate digital twin of existing site conditions to maintain a precise visual record that can be shared with all project stakeholders. Visual dashboards that highlight the BIM and progress towards objectives are available for all stakeholders across remote teams to support proactive collaboration. As construction begins, the data and insights established in the design and planning phases will enable collaborative and informed decision-making.