Detailed design (3D BIM)

Achieve better CAD and BIM outcomes using reality capture and AI

Too often during construction, building teams uncover an unknown element on the site or in the existing structure that requires a workaround or time-intensive redesign to move forward. Many of these setbacks could be prevented if architects and engineers were better informed about existing site conditions, features and positioning before ground was broken.

Building teams who understand the realities of the site or existing structure – both seen and unseen – can design models and create building plans that overcome these challenges, reducing the likelihood of uncovering issues during construction that cause rework, delays, overruns and waste. Hexagon offers a full suite of reality capture and AI solutions to inform and empower building teams to create more accurate and realistic BIM during the design phase.

Once initial designs are created, artificial intelligence (AI) tools can automatically convert concept study models to fully-classified BIM, enabling custom components to be designed and shared as assemblies for use within the BIM or shop floor. Designers can increase the level of BIM design and detail modeling of a building’s approximate size and shape as often as required, with AI powered workflows to automate and accelerate previously mundane or laborious tasks.

The application also allows users to automatically create and customise accurate building documentation quickly and easily to stay in sync with the building model, as well as validate and collaborate designs with other stakeholders.

Hexagon’s 3D BIM solutions make it easy to reach the second level of BIM design, with a level of development (LOD) equivalent to the American Institute of Architect’s LOD 200 classification.