Design validation and collaboration

Connect teams to collaborate on design and uncover risks before breaking ground

Whether at the beginning of the design process or nearing completion of a highly detailed 3D model, building designs must be routinely vetted across a large group of stakeholders before budgeting and schedule planning can begin. Effective design validation requires access to detailed views of the original landscape, with comprehensive data regarding site conditions that may influence constructability of a structure.

Using Hexagon’s cloud-based Common Data Environment (CDE), architects, engineers, contractors and owners can efficiently review designs and plans, collaborate on solutions, manage documents and automate workflows. Clash detection technology also helps identify potential construction issues during the design phase when they can be addressed without causing rework, schedule delays or budget overruns.

Hexagon’s connected, autonomous validation technology automatically assigns Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) entry classifications and analyses and classifies spatial locations, spaces, buildings and stories, as well as internal and external walls, to vastly simplify and streamline data modeling. Using Hexagon’s unique streaming technology, stakeholders and collaborators can download and view large CAD files and BIM models as easily as streaming a movie or TV show.

Hexagon’s design validation and collaboration software is flexible and accommodating, allowing stakeholders to view 70+ document formats without needing to download or install large files or programs that require memory and resources. All documents are secured, accessible and available for approved users to engage in iterative design that can be discussed and validated with ease.