Conceptual and pre-design

Software for high-level, conceptual smart building design

One of the first steps in every construction project is modeling the building design. The quality and accuracy of initial concepts can be the difference between winning a bid and losing an opportunity. Engaging, appealing proposals that include all of a client’s requests can help build trust and confidence in a vendor and set the project on a trajectory for success. The digitalisation of design concepting has made it easier than ever before for architects to engage in generative design, developing different scenarios and elements to present the best possible options to meet cost, schedule and structural requirements.

Hexagon’s conceptual and pre-design software allows architects to experience complete design freedom with a 3D workflow that’s never limited by pre-defined parts or library components. Easy-to-use, intuitive, push-pull, direct-modeling capabilities allow architects to sculpt mass-model concepts quickly, accurately and efficiently. The outcome is a light and responsive model that’s not over-loaded or over-constrained.

Hexagon’s CAD software tools are uniquely designed to enable sketching, conceptualising and iterating to help design teams explore different options quickly and easily. In one single, easy-to-learn and use application, Hexagon’s smart building design technology provides all the capabilities needed to enable end-to-end BIM workflow for design, construction documentation and manufactured building products.