Capture existing conditions

Reality capture uncovers site conditions and features before design and planning

Whether planning a building renovation or designing new construction, architects and engineers are consistently challenged to produce a design and building plan that achieves the client's requirements. One of the most important parts of building design and construction planning is to ensure the constructability of the design, and architects must often make multiple site visits to understand exact conditions and positioning of new design elements, identify invisible building components and resolve other issues that could cause the design model to be incomplete or imprecise. The challenge is that projects that start with insufficient or inaccurate documentation can have constructability issues, resulting in costly change orders and time-consuming schedule delays. Whether visualising the surrounding elements for a new construction or planning to renovate an existing building, architects and engineers should consider creating a digital twin of the existing environment to inform a more precise and detailed 3D model.

Hexagon’s unique mix of autonomous reality capture sensors and buildings-specific software provides a better understanding of the site’s existing conditions above and below ground without the need for multiple site visits. As construction progresses, contractors can use the same suite of reality capture sensors and project monitoring software to verify the as-built drawings against the original building plans.