Sensors and intelligent software optimise site and building design

Starting with the design phase, our sensors and software supply a continuous data flow up, down and across all phases of the building lifecycle process. This single thread of digital data ensures that all changes from the design phase are captured and understood by all stakeholders in the process. Projects run more profitably as this data flow promotes transparency and real-time information sharing among all stakeholders in the building process, including architects, engineers, project managers, work teams on-site, and the building owners and management post-construction.

Our suite of sensors capture reality – both seen and unseen – to provide architects and engineers the right information during the design process, creating more reliable and accurate BIM designs. Architects can rely on accurate data from our reality capture sensors before ground is even broken to design and deliver built environments with better performance, lower environmental impact, and reduced cost. The result is a living digital twin that includes every building component and streamlines collaboration to enable better, more accurate construction.

Hexagon unleashes the most dynamic and powerful use of data available with a unique mix of sensor hardware and solution-specific intelligent software. This is informed, intentional design. It’s where your Smart Digital Reality begins.

Capabilities for informed design

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