Risk, Issue & Change Management

Minimize impacts, maintain control and ensure success of your projects

Risk management is the identification of possible future events and the proactive development of strategies to address any crisis that arise. Unexpected issues with an existing site or structure, unintentional deviations from the model and resource issues are just some of the many challenges that can risk a project’s timely completion. Effective risk and change management mitigates avoidable errors or reduces the impact of unavoidable crisis, helping projects remain on track.

Hexagon’s risk and issue management tools help remove obstacles, maintain stability, and minimize impacts of changes on project cost, schedule and resources throughout the construction process and all related activities in the field and office. Our platform analyzes the impact of changes to the building model and project schedule to help you identify potential improvements and actionable insights. This insight provides the comprehensive and integrated project control and risk management tools that leaders need to effectively manage changes.

Hexagon’s integrated process approach improves collaboration and decision-making to ensure that any risk or change management issues are addressed in a timely manner before they lead to problems and costly delays onsite. Integrated risk, issue and change management solutions allow leaders to efficiently monitor and manage project performance and ensure successful project delivery.