Real-time site control and safety management

Camera technology enhances productivity tracking and worker safety using AI insights

Understanding construction progress, verifying schedules, assessing quality, identifying project delays and ensuring safety compliance is essential to keeping a project running smoothly and delivering on time and budget. Instant access to the most up-to-date construction project information enables leaders and stakeholders to make critical decisions in real-time – from prompt assessments of progress and overall performance to risk detection and mitigation. Complete visibility to what’s happening on the site allows project executives and managers to address issues, optimise performance and ultimately meet or exceed planned expectations.

Hexagon’s high-definition time-lapse photography and live video streaming services deliver real-time visual documentation of everything that happens on the job site, both exterior and interior. Combining the latest camera technology, artificial intelligence software and machine learning (ML) techniques, our real-time site control and safety management capabilities provide the critical insights needed to keep everyone informed and up-to-date about project status, critical milestones and other essential information. This includes changing weather conditions, safety compliance across all contractors and sub-contractors, asset utilisation and more. It's the ultimate solution in autonomous, remote job site management.