Project management & controls

Web-based platform to measure, forecast and improve project outcomes

Hexagon’s construction project management solutions elevate users’ workflows, increase stakeholder visibility and improve project performance. These solutions are crafted especially for the AEC industry to optimise building design and construction by connecting the office and the field every step of the way.

Hexagon’s flagship 4D BIM solution revolutionises management of construction projects by connecting the project schedule to the 3D model, providing real-time updates from the field using a mobile app. Hexagon’s 4D BIM experience improves production planning, enables advanced work packaging and leverages the building information model to showcase visual progress.

Take your project model to the next level by importing quantity take-offs generated during the planning phase to create accurate cost forecasts and model-based budgets. Cost performance can be viewed quickly by color-coding a model to visually indicate cost overruns. Our solutions enable you to analyse cost performance and direct labor productivity, integrate actual cost data from construction ERP systems and improve cashflow management by automating review of time-phased costs to better predict lending needs and payments. With our patented Smart Mapping technology, budget items are round-tripped back into the model, where you can view a real-time visual representation of a project’s schedule and cost performance.

The integration of all these elements creates a 5D BIM experience for building lifecycle planning and budgeting.