Productivity and progress monitoring (4D/5D BIM)

Visual dashboards summarise project progress and key performance metrics

Effective communication can be the difference between a building project completed on time and budget or one that suffers from overruns, waste and delays. The challenge is that construction job sites are incredibly complex and rapidly evolving, and contractors must manage a difficult balance of staying on schedule, on budget and as close to the model as possible.

Decisions are made every day that influence a project’s outcome, and building teams – including architects, engineers, contractors and owners/operators – that communicate effectively and efficiently will find their projects are completed with more satisfactory results.

Hexagon is the leading provider of construction-grade surveillance technology that gives stakeholders both on- and off-site real-time footage of construction status and progress. Job site monitoring cameras with AI capabilities send real-time footage of the job site to all stakeholders, providing a holistic view of what’s happening to augment communication and inform decision-making.

All of this information is encapsulated and presented in an easy-to-read web-based dashboard, ready for an executive summary or daily status meeting. These dashboards, hosted in the cloud for accuracy and scalability across project teams, provide visibility and awareness of how a project is progressing compared to the planned budget and schedule. Solution dashboards allow all stakeholders to easily understand the project and weather conditions on-site and monitor project workflows and progress.