Production planning and work allocation

Assign work and monitor progress from centralised planning software

A building site in the full swing of construction requires a great deal of coordination to keep the site running at peak efficiency with minimal waste. Project management requires deep understanding, awareness and visibility of site conditions and worker performance, constant access to up-to-date models and proactive communication with all workers, engineers, architects and owners involved in the process.

Hexagon makes task management easier through our building-specific production planning technology that reduces rework and improves communications on-site and between field and office. Cost-efficient, production-lean practices such as pull planning are possible in a digital environment that connects teams in the office, job site trailer, and field through a common, connected platform.

By using smart 4D mapping that ties the schedule to the model for real-time, planned and past visualisations, Hexagon enables full transparency of schedule changes and task assignments across all project teams, ensuring projects remain on-time and on-budget. Work assignments can be automatically allocated to improve overall construction planning and ensure accurate and up-to-date job site scheduling, activity tracking and work allocation. Key integrations with other planning tools, like P6 Professional Project Management software, allows for a bi-directional flow of information for total stakeholder visibility.