Design to field (digital layout)

Boosting productivity through digital workflows

Effective communication is critical to a successful building project, and team leaders are tasked with finding ways to improve the flow of communication from the office to the job site. Building to plan is one of the most important objectives of any building team, yet projects are often derailed or delayed when contractors don't have connected layout solutions and work from outdated, inaccurate, or incomplete information. Building technology can streamline communication to get the correct information in the right hands at the right time before errors can be made.

Hexagon’s digital layout construction solutions enable architects, engineers and contractors to transfer design data from the office to the field accurately and in real-time, reducing rework, waste and delays on construction sites. Office-to-field integration with Hexagon’s unique mix of construction software and sensor solutions reduces the time and expense of point layout creation in the office and boosts point layout productivity in the field. The tight integration creates a constant feedback loop in real-time that increases workflow efficiency, quality and productivity, streamlines collaboration and enables more efficient BIM-to-field workflows.

Intuitive and easy to learn, Hexagon’s design to field layout solutions are designed to easily scale across the building team and require no special education or prior experience.