Construction documentation and job site monitoring

Document complete construction projects and create accurate as-built records

Effective documentation solutions should provide architects, engineers, contractors and owners with a means to capture and preserve accurate as-built records throughout the construction process. As the construction of the building progresses, it becomes increasingly complex, time-consuming and costly to locate and access critical building objects that may no longer be accessible under concrete, or hidden behind walls or above suspended ceilings. Visual construction documentation gives building teams instant access to a complete as-built record with location and timestamp information and offer a complete, inspection-grade photographic record of building projects for review anytime, anywhere.

Hexagon’s construction documentation solutions automatically maintain a cloud-based repository of project data and digital photographic assets to ensure an accurate and precise record of project measurements. Using measurable 3D images, Hexagon’s construction progress solutions document critical systems before they’re covered during construction, creating a digital data thread to help building teams quickly identify component locations and swiftly address any issues that may arise. Preserving this visual documentation provides the necessary help to verify completed work, evaluate change orders, resolve future construction-related issues, and avoid destructive and costly discoveries long after construction has ended.