Completion and turnover

Assure all building systems are designed and installed per client requirements

The final phase in the building lifecycle is the opportunity for the building team to hand over the completed structure to the building’s owners and operators. This critical step leaves a lasting impression on the client and, if done successfully and effectively, can reap enormous benefits for both client and contractors.

Studies have found that digitising the operations of a building can save an astounding $500 billion in costs over 10 years. To digitise the completion and turnover of the finished building, data must be collected, leveraged and made accessible throughout the building process.

Hexagon’s automated solutions streamline many time-consuming and costly construction QA/QC activities that prepare for eventual building turnover. To aid in proactive preparation and organisation, stakeholders can standardise and share project documents and reports in an easy-to-use single repository for all data and project documents like punch lists, inspection forms and system start-up testing procedures. Over the course of the building lifecycle, this repository ingests all the project data and becomes a single source of truth for accurate record-keeping, punch-lists, test results, safety issue resolution and overall project tracking – an invaluable and irreplaceable asset for owners and future maintenance teams once the building is turned over to operations.

Throughout construction, inspection tasks can be planned by area, phase or discipline and allocated at the work package and work step level to align with the overall model and schedule structure. With proactive preparation enabled by Hexagon’s completions tools and enacted by the building team throughout the project, completions and turnover can become a seamless and highly effective phase of the building’s lifecycle.