As-built verification (QA/QC)

Real-time reality capture reveals issues early and reduces delays

During the building process, time pressure, constant revisions and frequently changing conditions are common challenges that can make it hard to validate whether construction is progressing according to the latest design. As a result, deviations between designs and as-built are often identified too late, leading to rework, waste and costly delays. Accurate as-built documentation and records enable faster and more informed decision-making, better collaboration, quality assurance and control.

Hexagon can help with as-built verification through our unique mix of reality capture sensors and construction documentation software. This solution enables fast and accurate as-built verification for flatness analysis and other building element comparisons from the BIM directly in the field. Our reality capture capabilities help lower the risk of costly delays and reduce possible downstream issues by creating a constant feedback loop between the as-built and design that discovers issues earlier. Hexagon’s best-in-class sensor and construction progress software solutions are seamlessly integrated into all our industry-leading CAD and BIM software platforms to make application and usage easy.