Build on time and on budget with more predictability, quality and control

The build phase is where informed, intentional design and smart planning become physical. During construction, a continuous digital thread of information and advanced automation technology allows contractors to execute on time and on budget with as little waste and rework as possible. Data flows throughout every aspect of the building process, capturing progress and enabling real-time data exchange among all workers on-site, and between office and field.

Hexagon’s intelligent management and planning software transforms real-time, collected data into actionable information that streamlines decision-making on-site and optimises workflows. It enables work packages and assignments to be distributed to workers in a timely fashion, and it ensures greater accuracy so that when changes arise, workers can see and understand them quickly before mistakes are made, and schedule and cost are impacted. All of the data collected, integrated and organised moves beyond a simple digital twin into a Smart Digital Reality – a constant stream of data and insights that help ensure greater productivity, quality, safety and sustainability during construction while reducing rework, waste and delays.

Capabilities for efficient, safe and sustainable building

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