Projects have become increasingly complex and demanding, and many AEC firms are consistently challenged to manage these complexities using technology and processes that are outdated, disconnected and inefficient.

Hexagon makes a clean break from the status quo by positioning building projects for success at every phase of the project lifecycle. Whether early in the design and planning process, during the full swing of construction or while optimising a building fit-for-purpose, a digital thread of data can be traced, connected, visualised, leveraged and updated for maximum value creation at each stage of the lifecycle.

The new reality for buildings – a Smart Digital Reality

When it comes to the building lifecycle ecosystem, we can no longer think in terms of the physical and digital as two separate realities. The need for one reality — a single source of truth where all data is available, live, in context and in one place — is a must. We call this a Smart Digital Reality.

This Smart Digital Reality empowers the entire building ecosystem, facilitating and optimising input with transparency for all stakeholders: architects, engineers, general and sub-contractors, key suppliers and building owners and operators.

The goal at Hexagon is simple: use data to deliver built environments with better performance, lower impact on the environment, and at a lower cost. This can only happen when data is captured, connected, and leveraged throughout every stage of the building lifecycle.

The building lifecycle